You must fill out a FAFSA application in order to qualify for any type of financial aid for college. The website for the FAFSA application is studentaid.gov. You must apply for a PIN number for yourself and one parent. To apply, you will need your social security number and a social security number of one parent.


You will begin your FAFSA application on January 1, 2012. You must have your PIN number. The application will request your parent's 2011 tax information; however, you will not have that information yet. Please use your parent's 2010 tax information and submit your application.


Once your parents have their 2011 taxes completed, you will go back into the application and update your file. DO NOT wait to apply until you have your parent's 2011 tax information; it will be too late. Once your application is submitted,you have your place "in line." FAFSA understands your parents do not have their taxes completed by January 1. Please submit anyway!


There are two (2) different government financial aid awards available; one from the federal government and one for the state government. You apply for federal aid by completing the FAFSA application. State aid is applied for with the Cal Grant application. However, if University Prep has your social security number on file, University Prep will apply for the state Cal Grant for you automatically. Please check with your counselor to make sure your social security is on file with the school.


Federal aid is approximately $5,500.00 per year. State aid can be up to $9,800.00 per year. WOW!



All seniors must complete a FAFSA application to qualify for ANY type of Federal Financial Aid. This aid can be used for a four year university, a two year college, trade schools or a variety of other programs. The Website is https://studentaid.gov. Link is above. Seniors must apply for a PIN number for themselves and one parent. A social security number is necessary to receive a PIN number. Apply for your FAFSA PIN number today!