AP Psychology Summer Assignment

AP Psychology 2017-2018 Summer Assignment

I would like to welcome everyone who registered AP Psychology. I want you to understand this class will challenge you and force you to think. This means that every student is expected to participate in class discussions and that they alone are responsible to fulfil the requirements needed to achieve the goals set out in the class.

This class is designed to be equivalent to an introduction psychology courses found in college. It is also designed to prepare you for the AP course in May of 2018. You will be furnished with the necessary tools for success, but you must take responsibility for using them in order to make that happen.

This is the Summer Assignment for AP Psychology

Buy the following book: The Story of Psychology: Updated and Revised. The ISBN-10: 0307278077. You can find this book online or at a local bookstore.

  1. You are to read chapters 1 to 10.
  2. Write an analysis paper. It needs to meet the following requirements:
    1. The paper length is between 300-400 words.
    2. Times New Roman Font in size 12 with 1 inch margins.
    3. You are not to use direct quotes in your paper. It is to be an analysis. You may paraphrase, but you need to cite in MLA format.
    4. It needs to be under 10% plagiarism on Turnitin.com.  If it is over you will receive a 0.
    5. More than 3 grammar errors in your paper and it will drop 10%.
  3. Concept Map of the chapters. You also need a one page typed explaining how and why you made those connections.
  4. There will be two quizzes the first week of school on the reading. You need to receive an 80% on those quizzes or you will have to retake the quiz.  




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